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Announcing our 2018-19 Artists-in-Residence: Grey Grant and Karl Ronneburg!

Karl Ronneburg and Grey Grant are interdisciplinary composer/performer/poet-types who cook a lot of food together. Having performed each others’ work previously, their artisticcollaboration officially began when they mounted a complete adaptation of Philip Glass and Robert Wilson’s Einstein on the Beach in an Ann Arbor living room, entitled Einstein in the HOUSE and performed by a full cast and band of volunteer artists. Philip Glass and original choreography Lucinda Childs reportedly “got a big kick out of it”, and Nico Muhly called it “bonkers insane brilliant”. The work was a love letter to the University of Michigan community it was presented to, as well as proof that new and avant-garde works deemed challenging or inaccessible can be in fact quite the opposite.

Now based in New York, Karl and Grey have continued their artistic partnership, working in a variety of movement, text-based, theatrical, and musical mediums. As part of their 2018-19 residency with Red Shoe Company, they present their newest work, The Precipice and Other Things: an evening-length theatrical experience that explores the human relationship with moments of transition, and questions the use of metaphor as imposed upon the complexity of actual human narratives. The Precipice is a staged work featuring Grey, Karl, and the Red Shoe Company, interweaving narrative with music, movement, and projections.

Watch now: 
Karl's "echoes of echoes", from SHAPES and the thought that made them, featuring Grey and Karl on spoken text
Einstein in the HOUSE
Grey and Karl's homemade adaptation/tribute to some of the world's best musical, dramatic, and scientific minds.
Based on Philip Glass and Robert Wilson's "Einstein on the Beach"

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